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Sort & Simple Professional Organizers

Transforming lives by simplifying spaces.

Professional organizers located in Edmonton, Alberta.  

Decluttering • Home Organizing • Downsizing • Moving Assistance

Overwhelmed. Stuck. Stressed Out. Anxious.

Does this describe you when you enter your space? We hear that a lot!

Together, we can change that. With an organizer supporting you, your space can become streamlined, functional and peaceful. 

Our Organizational Services

Sort & Simple provides a variety of organizing services in and around Edmonton, Alberta. We also offer virtual services for those outside of our driving circle. We're proud to have been named the #1 Professional Organizer by Best in Edmonton. Don't see what you're looking for below? Send us an email and let's see how we can work together.

Sort & Simple Professional Organizers
Transforming lives by simplifying spaces.

Heard in Edmonton

Why Choose Sort & Simple?

Professional Guidance

Working with a Professional Organizer means you’ll have guidance, support, and accountability throughout the decluttering and organizing process.


Our experienced staff can shine a new light on your home. We share creative storage solutions and ideas for systems personalized for your needs.

Training & Tutorials

You will gain skills and knowledge in how to approach your clutter, set up functional systems for your home, and learn how to maintain your organized space.


Proper waste disposal is a priority at Sort & Simple.  We’ll help you ensure your items are donated, recycled, and disposed of appropriately. 

Kaytlyn Beakhouse, Owner of Sort & Simple

Hi, I’m Kaytlyn!

I have a passion for simplicity and efficiency.

About the Owner

Even as a kid I loved to organize! I remember cleaning out the family junk drawer, sorting my craft beads, and even lining up all my stuffed animals just so. After a decade as a healthcare professional and re-organizing my own home countless times (my husband claims I am great at putting things where he can find them!), I’m ready to help others create the life they desire. ​   

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