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Donate second hand items in Edmonton

Second-Hand Directory 

The reHome Hub is a second hand directory for Edmontonians and Albertans that want to declutter with impact.


Connecting you with organizations ready to give your items new life, and keep them out of landfills.

Connecting makers, charities, schools and businesses with the supplies they need.  APPLY TO BE LISTED

How to Use the Directory

Looking to donate home decor, consign clothing, or sell your old furniture in Edmonton and throughout Alberta? Search the directory using the categories below to find a home for your second hand items. * We've also highlighted some most needed items.

All Categories:
Architectural Clearinghouse

Architectural Clearinghouse

Edmonton Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-436-1222 

Diverting good building materials away from landfills since 1988. Accepting building materials including  windows, doors, lighting, plumbing fixtures and cabinets.

reHome Hub YEG

Blenderz Garment Recyclers

Edmonton NW, SE, Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 587-402-1017

Textile recycling, sewing school and craft army facilitator. Accepting donations of all textile items in good condition. A full list can be found on our website.  

* Most needed: scissors, sewing machines, sewing & cleaning supplies. 

Donations in YEG

Bonnie Dunn

Edmonton SW | Individual | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Crocheting blankets for long term care patients. Accepting donations of acrylic yarn of any weight or length.

Earth Warrior YEG

Earth Warrior

Edmonton Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Creating a world without waste by diverting textiles from landfills & turning them into eco solutions. Accepting corporate textile waste such as uniforms, vinyl signs, event tents, and more to upcycle and recirculate.

Elsi Idena Donations

Elsi Idena

Edmonton SE | Individual | Drop-Off Only |

Quilt making, upcycling and re-purposing fabric for donations to shelters and animal rescues. Accepting donations of fabric (cotton, fleece, flannel, silk, etc.) batting, thread, sewing supplies.

Find Edmonton

Find Edmonton

Edmonton SW | Non-Profit | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-988-1717

Providing furnishings & home goods free of charge to those transitioning out of homelessness through Housing FirstA full list of accepted donations can be found on our website.

*Most needed: dressers, kitchen tables, couches & TV stands. 

Goodwill Industries Donations

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Edmonton Area | Non-Profit | Drop Off Only | 780-944-1414

Creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through our non-profit thrift store. Accepting donations of clothing, books, furniture, home decor, and sports equipment. A PDF of accepted items can be found on our website.

Edmonton Restore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Edmonton NW, NE, SW, & Sherwood Park | Non-Profit | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-477-4057

Selling donated home furnishings, appliances, and other renovation materials. All proceeds help Habitat for Humanity continue to serve local families in our community. A list of accepted donations is available on our website.

Reuse in Sherwood Park

Hodge Podge Lodge

Sherwood Park | Non-Profit | Drop-Off Only | 780-449-5514

Operating a take it or leave it site at the recycle depot in Strathcona County. We take items not generally accepted by our local not for profit thrift stores such as DVDs/CDs, jars, craft & office supplies. A list of accepted items can be found on our website.

Holden Academy Donations

Holden Rural Academy

Holden | Non-Profit | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Teaching students life skills from community members, while supporting the communities around us. Accepting donations of school/art supplies, books, media, furniture, home goods, & sporting goods for our school. 


Home Once More Ltd.

Edmonton SE | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-428-1082

Buying and selling used building materials. Accepting donations of doors, windows, plumbing items, cupboards, flooring, lumber, lights, antique and retro house parts, and hardware,

Rehome Edmonton

Human Ecology Clothing Repair Cafe

Edmonton SW | Non-Profit | Drop-Off Only |

Hosting events at the U of A where people learn how to repair their own clothes. Accepting donations of clean fabrics, sewing machine thread, seam rippers, measuring tapes and rulers, tailor's chalk. Solid-colour fabrics are appreciated. 

Wool Donations Edmonton

JJ Wool Company

Edmonton Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Upcycling old, unwanted wool items and turning them into something new. Accepting donations of wool sweaters, blankets, scarves, and jackets made up of at least 80% wool.

Donations in Stony Plain

Lightly Loved Yeg

Stony Plain | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Buying and selling vintage furniture and home decor to keep large items from ending up in the landfill.

Little Warriors Donations YEG

Little Warriors

Edmonton Area | Non-Profit | Drop-Off Only | 780-922-9010

Promoting awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse through our charitable organization. Currently in need of clothing, art supplies, and disinfectant wipes. A full up to date list of items we accept is on our website.

MacKat Studio Donations YEG

MacKat Studio

Edmonton SW | Artist/Maker | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Turning second hand items into art. Accepting donations of jewelry, mannequins, mosaic glass, mother of pearl flat shell pieces, any unusual, odd, unique items, fabrics, and art supplies.


MCC Thrift Shop

Edmonton NW | Non-Profit | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-443-4047

Supporting others in need locally and globally through our volunteer run organization. Accepting donations of gently used clothing, shoes, housewares, sporting goods, books, furniture, accessories, jewelry, fabrics, and craft supplies.

More than a Fad Donations

More Than a Fad Thrift Store

Edmonton SE | Non-Profit | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-436-8662

Supporting Adeara Recovery Centre through our local not for profit thrift store. Accepting a variety of donations in great condition. In need of men's clothing, furniture, and home decor. A complete list of accepted items can be found on our website.

Pals Edmonton Donations

PALS - Project Adult Literacy Society

Edmonton Central | Non-Profit | Drop-Off Only | 780-424-5514

Addressing the learning needs of adults with low literacy skills through our community-based program. Accepting donations of 1.5" binders, notebooks, pencils, calculators and other school supplies.

Fabric Donations YEG

Reimagined Fabrics

Edmonton SE, Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Recirculating pre-existing fabrics and sewing tools through our second hand fabric shop. Accepting donations of sewing supplies and unused fabrics of any size. A list of accepted items can be found on our website.

She Sells Your Stuff YEG

She Sells Your Stuff

Edmonton SW | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up | 780-257-1813

Selling your unwanted items so you don't have to! Consignment of hard furniture, electronics, countertop appliances, bicycles and more. Visit our website to learn more.

Sport Central Donations

Sport Central Association

Edmonton Area | Non-Profit | Drop-Off Only | 780-477-1166

Providing new & gently-used sports equipment to kids ages 4-17 without access. A complete list of accepted donations can be found on our website.

*Most needed: hockey skates (<10 years old), badminton equipment, mid-size bicycles.

Donations for Charity YEG

Tammy Beakhouse

Edmonton SW | Artist/Maker | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Making and donating I SPY quilts for babies, young children, and charities. Accepting donations of cotton prints with small or repeat patterns, flannel for backing, and batting.

The Dress Library Donations

The Dress Library

Edmonton Central | Business | Drop-Off Only |

Renting dresses and accessories through consignment and donation. Accepting vintage and contemporary cocktail and formal dresses, and accessories of all sizes.

* In search of more dresses size 10+. 

The R.A.K Edmonton Donations

The R.A.K Boutique

Edmonton Central | Business | Drop-Off & Pick-Up |

Helping women find their style and build confidence through our consignment store. Accepting brand name clothing, especially items in season.

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