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Helping Albertans Breathe New Life Into Second Hand Items

Learn How to Declutter With the reHome Hub


Have you ever been decluttering, decided you’re ready to let go of an item and then…become stuck? You don’t want to toss a perfectly good coffee mug in the trash, or to chuck out a T-shirt simply because it’s got a high school emblem on it. Maybe you’ve got a huge, heirloom dresser that you couldn’t possibly lift on your own, or even an old set of Pyrex bowls that might hold some value. As professional home organizers, we’ve seen this countless times! So what do you do?

It’s simple! You head over to the reHome Hub!

What Is the reHome Hub?

Designed for Edmontonians and Albertans who want to declutter with impact, the reHome Hub is your local second-hand directory connecting you with organizations ready to give your items new life, and keep them out of landfills. Whether you’re looking to donate, consign or sell your possessions we’ve showcased all the options! 

The reHome Hub is a web-based directory. It’s free to be listed on, and free to use! Check it out here.


How Do I Find a Home for My Second Hand Belongings?

It’s as easy as Sort & Simple!, that is. From our website, go to the menu and select reHome Hub. There you’ll find the second hand directory! 


You can browse all categories of organizations, or you can refine your search based on the category of item you have. We've curated a list of businesses, charities, schools, and makers looking for:

• Clothing and Textiles

• Baby and Children's Items

• School and Art Supplies

• Books and Media

• Furniture and Home Goods

• Home Renovation Supplies

• Sporting Goods

• And more!

You’ll find helpful information including what items are accepted, where the organization is located and how to get in touch with them.

Plus, we’ve listed who can do pick-ups and highlighted some of the most needed items. 

The reHome Hub is more than just a directory - It's a platform that showcases the commitment of Albertans to keep reusable items out of the landfill. With our comprehensive list of organizations, you can trust that your decluttered items will find new homes and new life!

How Do I Join the reHome Hub?

Any individual, organization, or business in Alberta that supports our goal of reusing and repurposing decluttered items can apply to be listed on the Sort & Simple reHome Hub. Because we see the importance of sustainable practices and showcasing local organizations there is no fee to be listed in the directory, or to access it. 

If you’re ready to apply to be listed on the reHome Hub, please complete



Time to Declutter with Impact! 

With the reHome Hub at your fingertips, you’re ready to tackle decluttering with confidence. Instead of wondering, "Where can I donate all this stuff?" after your spring cleaning or, "How do I consign my clothes in Edmonton?" you’ll find organizations ready to give your items new life.

Looking for personalized decluttering support? We offer complimentary consultation calls. Book here.

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