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Organizing & Decluttering Strategies for Your Spare Room

Transforming Your Doom Room into a Spare Room Paradise

Spare rooms - they hold boundless potential, yet often become cluttered catch-alls for items without a home. When the kids move out or the home office is no longer needed, this space can quickly morph into a chaotic storage zone, leaving us yearning for the craft room, reading nook, or home gym of our dreams.

Let's reclaim and reimagine your spare room, turning it into a space that makes you smile. 

Prefer to listen & learn? Check out our radio segment about spare room organization with Stacey Brotzel on 630 CHED

Organizing and Decluttering your Spare Room

Finding Your Organizing Vision

As always, we need to know what we are working towards - your organizing vision, as we like to call it. Remember, be very specific. A lack of boundaries and rules for this room is what got us in this sticky situation in the first place. Is it going to be a storage room, home office, crafter's workshop, or even a nail studio! Use our handy worksheet to make it extra easy to define your goal.

Decluttering the Spare Room

Armed with your organizing vision, it's time to tackle the clutter. Our team of Professional Organizers has witnessed a myriad of items stashed away in spare rooms, from car tires to towering snowmen and ancient prom dresses! Fear not, for intentional living awaits!

  • Start small by sorting through one storage space at a time, whether it's a drawer, bookshelf, or closet corner. Avoid overwhelm by focusing on manageable chunks.

  • Clear flat surfaces like beds and desks to create ample workspace and safe navigation.

  • Save items displayed on walls for last, taking inventory once they're easily accessible.

Spare Room Decluttering and Organization

Organizing Your Dream Room

With clutter confidently cleared, it's time to curate your dream space. You’re going to be well equipped to assess your inventory (aka the items you chose to keep) and choose storage solutions without the distracting clutter around. 

Often, our clients already have great storage and we can repurpose it for their new use of the space! Take a look at what you own, and decide if you need to add further products. Armed with a clear understanding of your space's contents, decision-making becomes a breeze.

Organize and Declutter your Spare Room in Edmonton

Maintaining Your Spare Room Paradise

You’ve transformed your spare room into an inviting guest suite, inspiring craft room or peaceful yoga studio - now let’s keep it that way! Set regular reminders to reset the room every 1-3 months, ensuring clutter never gains a foothold again. With dedication and intentionality, your spare room paradise will remain clutter-free and functional for years to come! 

Craving that decluttered spare room bliss?

Contact our team to get started on your transformation today!

We're here to take the stress out of the decluttering and organizing process.

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