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How Professional Organizing Changed my Life

Organization has always fascinated me. I get immense satisfaction from having structure, efficiency and routine. When it came time for me to leave a decade long career in healthcare one of the top skills I listed in my self-analysis was “organized”. I knew I wanted the challenge and freedom of being self-employed and that I wanted to share my organizing skills. I hoped I could bring efficiency and functionality to others.

I knew things would be a bit different from changing careers. What I didn’t expect was that becoming a Professional Organizer would completely transform my life.

Early on, while working with clients and researching the profession, I started to become aware of patterns in my own behaviour. I entered into the world of organizing with the belief that I am organized and intentional. And I am very organized! What I didn’t expect to learn is that I had fooled myself into thinking that I have been building an intentional home and an intentional life.

The more I worked with clients in need of decluttering, the more I came to realize that their thought processes and behaviours were identical to mine. Admittedly, I had just been better at hiding it.

Have you ever held on to something that makes you feel guilty every time you look at it? Maybe a gift you never used, an heirloom you never wanted, clothes that don’t fit anymore or supplies for a hobby you never started. I have.

Have you ever kept an item “just in case”? In case you want to resell an electronic, and the new owner might want the French version of the manual? Kept multiple pairs of old running shoes because even though the soles have completely detached, there might be a day when you need them? Ya, I have too.

How about this one…have you ever brought something into your home that you did not need, did not want, could not afford or already owned? Yup, me too. Many times.

As I worked with clients I saw myself. My own choices, my own habits and even my own guilt. And while I hadn’t let things pile up to the same extent and had many creative ways of storing my things, the similarities of our thought patterns were unmistakable. Why was I, like my clients, unintentionally surrounding myself with things I did not need or want?

This increased sense of awareness led me to pursue a minimalist lifestyle. By removing the excess from my home and my schedule I knew that I could create space for the people and activities that truly mattered to me.

Whether you are ready to declutter, downsize or full-on minimalize, remember it is a journey. It won’t happen in one day, or one week. While simplifying is a transformation of your space, it is really a transformation of your lifestyle. And from my experience, all for the better.

Join me as I pursue a minimalist lifestyle, and help others to declutter and lead more intentional lives. Together we’ll work on identifying goals, letting go of what is holding us back and creating habits for long term success.

I can’t wait to see what you can do.

I would love to hear about your experience with trying to declutter!

Simply leave a comment or send me an email at

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