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Transforming lives
by simplifying spaces.

Welcome to S&S

Hi, I'm Kaytlyn! I am a professional organizer and decluttering coach based in Edmonton, Alberta. As the founder of Sort and Simple Professional Organizing, my mission is to transform lives by simplifying spaces.

I hope to share my passion for organizing, decluttering and minimalism to enable others to improve their self-confidence and lifestyle. With the right supports, planning and some determination, I believe anyone can reach their organizing goals. 

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to connect!


Kaytlyn Beakhouse

All About Kayt

I started Sort and Simple because I am passionate about helping people live happy and intentional lives, and I believe that a clutter-free environment is key to achieving that. With over a decade of experience as a healthcare professional and a personal trainer, I have honed my coaching and decision-making skills to help clients create organized, efficient spaces that support their goals and aspirations.

My personal journey towards minimalism has also given me a unique perspective on the challenges of decluttering and simplifying. I understand that letting go of possessions can be a difficult and emotional process, but with my compassionate guidance, my clients are able to make confident decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard.

As a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, and a Master Composter Recycler with the City of Edmonton, I am committed to eco-friendly and socially responsible organizing practices. I ensure your unwanted items are donated and recycled appropriately, so you can feel good about the impact your decluttering has on the planet and your community.

When I'm not organizing, you can find me swimming, running, playing ultimate frisbee, enjoying live theatre, or volunteering at the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival.

If you're ready to simplify your life and transform your space, contact me today. Let's work together to create a clutter-free, intentional, and happy life!


Kayt is awesome! I hired her on behalf of a family member as a Christmas present to help sort out a part of their house, and she did a great job. Kept my family on track and utilized the time with max efficiency. Would recommend her friendly and concise expertise to anyone, and the fact that she has training through the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) makes her a stand-out choice! 

- Cheryl, Edmonton

The Organizing Process

At Sort & Simple Professional Organizing we utilize a three step approach to decluttering and organization:

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