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Organizing Services

    Sort & Simple supports clients with reducing excess belongings and implementing functional systems in their home or office. We can guide you through the decluttering process, offer recommendations on products and systems, and provide education on proper disposal and donation of goods. We believe in making budget conscious decisions and creating personalized plans that are unique to each client's needs, space and desired outcomes. 


   We offer an extensive range of services, including those listed below. Please contact us with any questions or special requests, we would be happy to assist or to find resources for you. 

In-Person Service Packages

Hours include time performing hands-on organizing, research, shopping,

donation drop off, and other services as requested.


3 hours


10 hours


25 hours

our most popular option!

Virtual Decluttering Coaching

Virtual coaching includes a weekly video session in which we identify your goals, create a strategic plan, work through tough decisions and practice your decluttering skills. 

Is once a week too often? Not enough? Contact me for a personalized plan!


6 weeks


12 weeks


24 weeks


Ready to get started?

Contact S&S for a complimentary

discovery call. We will answer your questions, and ask several of our own to learn more about your unique needs.

Together we can estimate what package is best for your project goals. 

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